Agency: assistance in purchasing real estate in Cyprus and preparing documents

Living abroad is a dream for many people. Most often, the desire includes the presence of a warm climate and proximity to the sea. Also important parameters will be the ease of purchasing and registering real estate, and the costs of its maintenance. To satisfy all these needs, properties for sale in Cyprus are offered.

Features of the offer

Cyprus is a popular destination for purchasing property for holidays, long-term investment or business development. This is due to the excellent climate of the island, its peculiarities of legislation, and relatively low taxes compared to other European countries. To select and purchase any property, you should use the services of MySpace real estate agency.

To get a more detailed look at the objects put up for sale, you should visit the agency’s official website and look at the proposals. The following information can be found in each advertisement:

  1. The name of the object and its location are geographical.
  2. Real estate area.
  3. Indication of the number of bedrooms. For apartments, the floor of the building will be indicated.
  4. Price of the premises.

By going to the page of a specific proposal, you can see photographs of the yard, facade, and interior of the premises. The description indicates all the main features of the property, including a story about utilities, types and layout of rooms, and other important details.

For a faster search, you can fill in the following fields on the main page:

  1. Buying or renting a property.
  2. Location where you can specify county, region, and subregion.
  3. Type of real estate, where you can specify an apartment, house, plot of land, industrial facility, parking, office and other options.
  4. Indicate the price range desired for purchase.

By filling out these fields, you can obtain information about all available options based on the specified criteria.


The real estate agency database contains a large number of properties of various types. Here, almost anyone can find a building or plot to suit their taste, financial capabilities or taking into account the characteristics of their business.

MySpace agency specialists will help you understand all the features of real estate, explain the positive aspects, and point out disadvantages or possible limitations. When purchasing any object here, you can be sure of its legal purity and absence of encumbrances. Realtors will help at all stages of the transaction, help collect the necessary package of documents and formalize the transfer of ownership in full compliance with the laws of Cyprus.