Bags from Hermès: main advantages and types of models from a world-famous brand

The Hermes brand is iconic in the world of bags. Products under this brand are very expensive and are the longed-for dream of many representatives of the fair sex. Designers create a wide variety of models that can be included with a clothing collection, or sold as an independent accessory. Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton especially stand out in this series.


The company has a long tradition of creating bags in the premium price segment. The brand has been known for more than 180 years, with attention paid to the production of fashion accessories for at least 100. During this time, experience in sewing such products has been accumulated, and quality canons have been developed that have become a standard in the industry.

Sewing is carried out only by hand, by craftsmen, of whom there are only a few in the world. Only the highest quality genuine leather is used as raw material, proven fabrics and accessories are used.

The result is a work of art that emphasizes the status of the owners. The bag will serve for a long time without losing its external qualities.

All models of any type have excellent ergonomics and are easy to use. Each product is provided with its own unique number and has accompanying documents to verify its authenticity.


There is a wide variety of Hermès products, among which the following options stand out:

  1. Classic, having quite large dimensions in width and height – up to 30-40 cm. Such types are often called by the names of stars, for example Kelly or Birkin. These are bags with two handles, can also often be worn on the shoulder, and have a small lid that covers the top of the product. They are also called totes.
  2. Large size travel options with two handles. Among the classic representatives of this type is the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 X. The Hermes company also has a model range of similar bags for travel.
  3. Shoppers are created smaller than travel ones, but they are larger than totes. They have an open top or a zipper, the walls are relatively soft, with two parallel handles. Designed for shopping.
  4. Hobos are relatively small bags, semicircular at the bottom with a soft bottom and walls. The handle closes the circle at the top; it is located at the ends of the bag, unlike most other options.
  5. A special type of product is woven from strips of leather, where Bottega Veneta Cabat Tasche stands out. Kabats are also included in the Hermes line of bags.

Among the company’s products, it is worth highlighting clutches, tablets, satchels, saddles and many other options. You should choose based on your clothing style and planned look, and consider the place where you can go with the accessory.