Car rental in Ayia Napa: benefits and basic rules

A visit to Cyprus can be associated not only with a vacation on the beautiful island, but also with business matters and the purchase of real estate. Many tourists and businessmen need high mobility and freedom of movement. In this situation, it is worth using the services of a trusted company and ordering a car rental in Ayia Napa on

Features of the service

The rental price depends on the season of the year and the influx of tourists. In February and December it is the lowest, amounting to 18-20 dollars for an economy class car. During the summer, the price increases to US$52 in June and September. Taking these parameters into account, you can plan trips depending on the goals and timing of the trip.

The RentCarFy web resource presents many cities and countries where you can book a rental car. If there is a need to do this in Ayia Napa, then you can run filters to select the most suitable option. Here you can specify:

  1. Manufacturer and model of the car. We offer Skoda Fabia, Suzuki Swift, Hyundai i10, Ford Fiesta and similar cars. In total, more than four hundred cars are presented.
  2. Gearbox option.
  3. Rental period by selecting the start and end day of the car rental.
  4. Vehicle comfort level.
  5. The type of fuel the vehicle will need to be fueled with.
  6. Availability of options.
  7. Type of insurance.
  8. Rental company.

On the preview of cars displayed on the website page, you can immediately see a photo of the vehicle, determine the type of gearbox, the number of car doors, the number of passengers and luggage space.

Rental is offered without a deposit, with the possibility of free cancellation.


The service offers the most optimal rental conditions in Ayia Napa. There is no need to look for a company that will offer cars; it is enough to reserve the desired model for a certain period, and be sure that the car will be provided with exactly the same options as specified by the customer.

The most optimal payment conditions are offered, market demand and price changes depending on the season are taken into account, but the cost is not inflated.

All cars undergo technical inspection, sanitary treatment, and refuel before the trip. They fully correspond to the configuration indicated on the website when booking.

Their services are offered by trusted companies that value their reputation and strive to win the favor of clients. The selection and booking process is easy.