Choosing a staircase for a home

A staircase as an element of architecture is an important link between the levels of the building. Therefore, the construction of stairs pay special attention, the priorities are reliability and attractiveness.

Depending on the type of staircase design, there are special and inter -story. Special include evacuation, attic and stairs – ladders. Bowstring, supporting racks, bolts and kosuurs – inter -story stairs. The spiral staircase looks elegant. But experts advise using such a staircase in rare cases. For frequent use, it is inconvenient, but indispensable in tight rooms. Any staircase can become the highlight of the room, giving style and elegance to the interior.

Stairs are made of metal, wood and stone. Book or oak products are durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

The metal staircase fits perfectly into the interior of the Hi-Tech style. Strength and minimalism emphasize the dignity of style. The combination of various materials will turn the staircase into a work of art. The staircase made of glass is unique, but in everyday life it is not used because of low functionality.

Staircase – a business card of the building. An important point in the design of the stairs is a combination of it with the interior. Classical, modern and neutral designs are possible.

The classic staircase is saturated with stucco molding, finished with wooden panels, it is possible to use columns and statues. A strict option also applies to the classics.

Modern design – the style of the stairs determines the interior of your home. The combination of material can be extreme and radical.

Neutral design – universal. The general quality of stairs is restraint and conservatism. Such a staircase will support any interior details, and will not look like an alien element.

The design of the stairs depends on financial capabilities, but with a small budget you can create a unique product.