Electronic visa for travel to Tajikistan: features and benefits

Do you want to go to Tajikistan on vacation? The choice is right, as this is an amazing country with unforgettable sights. You can apply for an electronic travel visa on https://visa-navigator.com/ru/tajikistan/visa/e-visa in a short time. Experienced specialists will not let your expectations down and will offer a high-quality document.

Features of an electronic visa to Tajikistan

Since 2017, you can enter this country using an electronic visa. This is an official document that will allow you to both visit and leave the country without breaking the laws. You can apply for a visa online from the comfort of your own home.

There are several types of electronic visas for traveling to Tajikistan. Let’s look at the characteristics of the main options:

  • tourist e-Visa: it is needed by people who decide to relax in this country or attend various excursions;
  • business e-Viza: the document will provide the opportunity to travel to Tajikistan for business purposes; in this situation, to obtain it you will need a letter of invitation from the host company;
  • humanitarian e-Visa: provided for participation in charity programs, to help disaster victims and emergency medicine workers;
  • journalistic e-Visa: it is issued by media employees who report and conduct interviews in this country;
  • private e-Visa: you need to get a document if you plan to visit relatives or friends, as well as undergo treatment in Tajikistan;
  • sports and culture e-Viza: the visa will enable musicians, artists, athletes and other people to take part in a variety of shows and international events;
  • transport e-Viza: facilitates the process of movement of aviation personnel, cargo vehicle drivers and so on.

You can apply for a suitable e-Visa at your convenience. Thanks to this, your travels to Tajikistan will be comfortable.

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