What gardening work to do in May

May is the hottest time for everyone who works in the garden. There is a lot of work this month. In order for the harvest to be plentiful, any means must be used.

Including you can look at the moon. You can see useful tipson the website.

Garden work

Kharkiv news publishes a useful calendar of work in the garden according to the phases of the moon.

The May holidays have traditionally been considered in Ukraine the most suitable moment for planting potatoes. Indeed, the period from May 1 to May 10 is the most favorable for planting potatoes on the site. When planting tubers in the ground, it is also necessary to remember about fertilizers: superphosphate (1 tbsp each) should be added to all wells. Such a fertilizer will feed the potatoes and protect against pests in the soil.

The beginning of May is not only the time for planting potatoes. These days, you can begin to transfer cabbage seedlings to the ground. The cold resistance of this crop makes it possible to grow it without additional shelter. From mid-May, it’s time to plant seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. But these heat-loving plants cannot do without shelter. For the first time, it is necessary to protect the seedlings in the ground by covering it with a film. In the last week of May, you can start planting crops of the pumpkin family. Cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkin can be sown just during this period. Also at this time they start planting gourds.

To improve the conditions for plants in the beds, it is necessary to carry out mulching. You can use sawdust, straw, compost, etc. as mulch. A layer of mulch will help retain moisture in the soil, protect against temperature changes, and prevent the development of weeds. The optimal thickness for a layer of mulch is from 3 to 5 cm.

Work in the flowerbed

In May, it is necessary to start work on the flower bed, which can be found in company news. When the soil is heated to +15 degrees or more, the following flowers can be transplanted into a flower bed: matiola, carnation, sweet peas. They are not afraid of light frosts that can occur in the first days of May. This is also an excellent period for planting lobelia and chrysanthemums.

The first days of May are a good time to divide and transplant perennials such as phlox, delphinium, etc.

In the first weeks of May, you can start planting gladioli. Bulbs should be planted in a pre-prepared sunny area.

In the garden, it is necessary to feed fruit trees that are in the flowering phase.