Peculiarities of choosing a flat among Tbilisi new buildings: how to choose the best option?

The capital of Georgia is an attractive place to buy property. The large number of new buildings constantly appearing in the city creates many options for those planning to buy a flat here. But how do you choose the best option among all available ones?

In this article we will show you how to choose among Tbilisi’s newly built flats and share our tips on how to make the best choice.

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Attention to location

Location is one of the most important factors when choosing a flat. Before you start your search, determine in which area of the city you would like to live. Consider factors such as accessibility to workplaces, infrastructure, transport links and proximity to cultural and entertainment venues if this is important to you.

Developer’s reputation

Before buying a flat in a new building, investigate in detail the reputation of the builder. Check how many years the company has been engaged in construction, read the list of their completed (and unfinished!) projects and assess the quality of the work done. A builder’s reputation is an important indicator of the reliability and quality of construction projects. You should not trust construction companies that have a history of frozen construction projects or court cases. You should also not cooperate with companies that are too young, as youth is not a trait expected of a developer.

Building quality

Before you buy a flat in a new building, inspect the building and the flat. Pay attention to the quality of the materials used, the appearance of the building, and the functionality and ergonomics of the flat layout. A detailed inspection will help you detect possible flaws and check the quality of construction.

Infrastructure and services

Take a look at infrastructure and services around your new apartment building in Tbilisi. Restaurants, shops, parks, sports facilities, schools and medical facilities are all important aspects that ensure comfortable living in the chosen flat.

Price range

Compare the prices of flats in different new buildings and choose your budget. Bear in mind that the price range can vary depending on the area, the quality of construction and the additional services offered by the developer.


Choosing a new build flat in Tbilisi is a difficult decision that requires careful analysis and research. Consider all of the above aspects: location, builder’s reputation, quality of construction, infrastructure and services, and price range. Take enough time to review and be sure to participate in person in viewing several options before making a purchase.

Remember that buying your own flat is a very important step and choosing carefully will ensure a comfortable and contented life later on.