Shavkat Mirziyoyev: reforms and the desire for independence of Uzbekistan

Transformations in a country often depend on the will and abilities of one person. In Uzbekistan, he became the current head of state. He made a number of proposals proposing to consolidate the changes that have occurred in the country over the years of independent development.

Features of the reforms

They primarily relate to presidential powers and length of stay in power. Mirziyoyev proposed increasing the possibility of serving as head of state from five years to seven, but maintaining the two-term limit.

Amendments were also made to improve the situation of women, making their rights equal to men.

Attention was paid to measures to strengthen the rule of law, when the rules of law are the same for everyone and act as the final argument in any disputes.

To consolidate all the adopted changes, early presidential elections were held, where Shavkat Mirziyoyev won a landslide victory.

This is due to the high level of trust in the politician, because he has been in his current post since 2016, and during this time he managed to convince voters of fulfilling promises and attention to the needs of ordinary citizens.

In addition, the current head of state has seriously taken up the issues of liberalizing the country’s social and economic life. Laws were passed to ease the situation of various religious groups, measures were taken to attract foreign investment and improve the business climate in the country. An important area of creating a positive image of Uzbekistan is the expansion of tourism, including foreign tourism, because there are many unique cultural monuments preserved from ancient times.

Traits of a politician

Shavkat Miromonovich began his political activity during the USSR, when he was elected as a deputy of the national parliament. Then he worked as the head of the Tashkent district and two regions – Jizzakh and Samarkand. This allowed him to learn in detail the life of ordinary people and their aspirations.
It was these details that aroused the desire to carry out reforms, improving the situation in the economy and increasing the standard of living of the population. The transformations helped increase the country’s GDP by 5% annually. It reached a size of $80 billion in 2022.

Reducing bureaucratic barriers and improving conditions for entrepreneurship is the goal of the current president’s policy. At the same time, reforms of law enforcement agencies and government bodies are being carried out. Measures are being taken to combat corruption and the outward manifestation of luxury.

In foreign policy, the line is aimed at improving good neighborly relations with the countries of the region and resolving all controversial issues.