The choice of a platform trolley

Platform carts are in great demand a variety of lifting carts for working in a warehouse for moving is negative, but weighing a decent mass of cargo. Such carts are very simple, they are easy to control and they are quite maneuverable on turns, so this is an excellent solution for various warehouses. Platform carts are great for rooms with small corridors and passages between sections with goods, for production enterprises, various wholesale warehouses and even sometimes in construction and everyday life.

It should be noted that the platform carts have different carrying capacity, there are many varieties that differ both in carrying capacity and in dimensions. There are also carts with and without, with additional functional handles. Platform trolleys from a metal profile of special strength are produced. The carrier platform of the trolley can have various forms, mainly such a design can allow transporting cargo weighing half a ton or more, without any significant deformation of the supporting platform. Also on carts you can easily replace the wheels with other sizes – more or less. When buying a platform, look at its technical characteristics, as well as the characteristics of the wheels and additional parameters. You can buy platform carts in a specialized store /Category /Telezhki-Platformennye

Wheels for platform carts are usually made of rubber and polyurethane. The wheels on the cart can be of two types – with a turn and without. The most convenient option is the compatibility of two types of wheels, this gives the cart more maneuverability and lightness in control. It should be borne in mind that the carrying capacity of the cart also depends on the type of wheel and their characteristics.

The platforms can be conditionally divided into two varieties – a continuous sheet and lattice. Further, the continuous type can be covered from above by the flooring of the following components – for example, plywood, rubber and metal elements. It can also be a metal sheet with rubber applied to it – which interferes with the sliding of the heavy cargo on the surface. The platform may have the sides removed – this is a convenient way of transportation for some cargoes.

Choose a model of the platform wisely, given the estimated weight of the transported cargo, as well as its features. Consider the types of platforms, the type of wheel, as well as the presence of additional convenient elements – such as sides or rubberized handles.