The choice of an electric convector

Autumn and winter are habitually associated with us with the onset of cold weather, which means the beginning of the heating season. New waste, improving heating conditions sooner or later make us think about choosing a profitable and effective heating system. Electric convectors are considered one of the most popular, which you can choose in Ukraine here:/Catalog/Elektrichesheskie-Konvektory. In general, in the Ukrainian market, convectors have a lower cost compared to similar models in Russia – about 20-25% cheaper. These heating devices are economical, effective and easy to use. The modern market provides the opportunity to choose different models and at different prices. Before buying this equipment, it is worth paying attention to such moments as: the potential area of ​​heating, power indicators, the state of electrical wiring and, of course, the material tools that you are ready to invest in this device. How to choose the most suitable convector, we will consider by points.

1) First you should decide on the type of installation of the convector. There are two main types: floor and wall. It is also worth determining the spectrum of the desired functions that an electric convector must perform. Most users prefer to wall devices using them as the main type of heating system. If you use an electric convector as an additional heating equipment in your plans, it is better to choose flooring devices. They are mobile enough thanks to special wheels that are attached to the main design, have small dimensions and can be easily tolerated. Experts recommend choosing models of floor convectors with special overturning sensors to ensure the complete safety of the system.

3) the final and not an important point is the management process. Especially important is the control of the temperature of the convector. To date, there are models with a mechanical thermostat, that is, the user himself controls all available indicators. Equipment of this type has a relatively low cost and a stable process of work. Regarding electronic thermostats – they are more convenient in terms of temperature control control. In addition, the systems that use this type of thermostat are more economical and effective in work. But, despite these advantages, there are several negative points: the possibility of breakdown of electrical elements, the relatively high cost of equipment.