The choice of diesel generator for uninterrupted power supply

Interruptions with the supply of electricity themselves are an unpleasant phenomenon that violates the usual course of life and creates a lot of inconvenience. Needless to say, what problems may arise, for example, in production, during a process in which continuity is one of the main technological features!

Another option is construction: continuity of casting from concrete of supporting structures, filling the foundation, limited terms for the construction of masonry, etc.D., And the solution is far from always delivered by concrete, more often prepared directly at the construction site. And if there is no electricity at all due to remoteness from the nearest power transmission line?

It makes no sense to describe possible situations further, we will better tell you how to solve this problem. And it is easiest to solve it by installing a diesel generator of the corresponding power. Order a high -quality diesel generator in Odessa, Kyiv, the Dnieper or any other city of Ukraine is easy with the help of the Internet.

The diesel generator is a mini-electrical power station in which the electric generator is driven by a diesel engine. To make the optimal selection of the generator, first of all, you need to determine its power, which should be equal to the total indicator of the maximum power of the total at the same time working equipment or be a little larger. A little – this is no more than 30%, otherwise the cost of the generated electricity will turn out much more real, and the probability of a power plant is high.

The ideal option is to install and connect several less power generators into a single network, depending on the calculated load options for simultaneously working consumers, because not all equipment is usually included in the production process at the same time, and you can get the problems described above. And the refusal of any one generator is insured by another (others).

Another key criterion is the characteristics of the current current, its strength (ampezh), voltage, the number of phases.

The economic criterion is also important – fuel consumption (determined hourly in l/h, less often in kg/h), the volume of the fuel tank (in liters; the duration of work at one gas station determines, in particular, the frequency of fuel supply).

What else is paid attention to when choosing a diesel generator is for the mass-body and noise indicators: the former are determined taking into account the planned place of its installation, the latter can be clarified from the diagram in the technical documentation or clarified from the seller-consultant.