The choice of furniture and plumbing for the bathroom

Sometimes the bathroom is the only place in the apartment where you can hide from pressing problems and just relax after a difficult working day. It is here that our morning begins and the evening ends. Therefore, the bathroom should be as comfortable and functional as possible, promote relaxation, set up on positive.

The choice of furniture

It is possible to achieve the merger of all the above components only if all the components of the interior are in their place and harmonize with each other. Here, bathroom furniture, plumbing and lighting should be combined here. Unfortunately, choosing good furniture is quite problematic, it is much easier to do this for a bedroom or living room. The reason lies in the small area of ​​the bathrooms, which can be observed in ordinary Khrushchevs.

It is important that even in the smallest bathroom there is a place where various little things could be stored (toothbrushes, soap, napkins, champisted). Therefore, before purchasing furniture, think carefully about what exactly you want to see in your bathroom. Among the most necessary furniture include a bedside table with a sink and a suspension cabinet. If the dimensions of the room allow you to accommodate several more items, in this case it is better to get a wardrobe, a pencil case for storing cleaners or a floor nightstand.

When choosing furniture, it is worth taking into account the individual characteristics of the room, the furniture should be ergonomic and convenient, the beauty and style in this matter should go to the background. A great solution for small rooms will be suspended furniture, it will make the room visually larger, plus cleaning will become much easier. Another good way to make a room more – choose furniture with rounded shapes. There are several advantages at once: saving the place and time for the treatment of bruises from the collision with the angles of lockers and nightstands.

Suspended furniture will also be an excellent solution for rooms with a floor heating system, so the cabinets will be protected from deformation and premature wear. In the case of heated floors, you can consider another option – furniture on the legs. The choice is quite large, the main thing is not only for its taste preferences and financial capabilities, but also the individual characteristics of your bathroom.

The choice of plumbing

When choosing a plumbing for a bathroom, it is better to give preference to trusted firms, which are “earlier” for several decades. Such manufacturers monitor their reputation, therefore, are interested in ensuring that the quality of their products is at a high level. One of such manufacturers is the German company Kaldewei, which has been making high -quality steel baths for more than 100 years. The company was founded in 1918, then the first baths were far from the ideal and made of several sheets of steel, but now the technology was improved, and the baths are made of a solid sheet of steel, due to which the products are deprived of seams.

The main qualities inherent in the products of this brand:

lack of noise when filling the bath with water;

The strength of the structure (the walls are not bend under the weight of the human body);

aesthetic appearance of the product;

water does not cool for a long time;

The coating does not scratch and does not yellow over time.

A full -fledged bathroom cannot do without water, or rather without devices that regulate its flow – these are mixers. Axor is a manufacturer of high -quality and exclusive plumbing home. Axor mixers are distinguished by ergonomic design (long, flat handles), so it is convenient to use products even with soap hands. The company produces faucets for bathrooms of two types – with one lever and with two handles. There are also floor versions of mixers. The company’s products are characterized by the quality, reliability and wide selection of bathroom accessories and kitchens.

When choosing furniture and plumbing, the financial moment is important. Do not save on quality so as not to buy all these attributes of the bathroom again. Try to find a compromise between price and quality, otherwise furniture or plumbing will begin to break up a few months after the acquisition.