The Pen test is designed to simulate the actions of hackers

Do you want to know all the weak points in your business infrastructure before hackers destroy it? Please contact CQR for further assistance. Penetration Testing Service Provider allows you to ensure the cybersecurity of your authority. Now the various risks will be lost far behind, so that your system will be under reliable protection.

Pentest: what does it mean?

The Pen test is designed to simulate the actions of hackers. You can find out all the weak points of the system, evaluate the level of security of external and internal information systems, and contact other sources. Penetration Testing allows you to prevent criminals from gaining access to your computer systems, so there will be no harm.

As soon as the pentest begins, you will see what a particular system looks like to hackers. You will be able to get ahead of the right attacks, which can end very badly. Protect your systems by turning to professional CQR organizations.

How does a pentest work?

The hacker plans to hack the system in order to take away his benefits. Pentesters hack systems in order to achieve their maximum protection against the actions of criminals.

Penetration testing is a procedure designed to prevent illegal exploitation and control over information systems.

Hackers exploit various confidential data. This is special information, data from work and financial sectors, and intellectual power. All these moments bring either economic or financial benefit to the evildoers.

Pentest in the field of cybersecurity allows you to find out all the weak points in the system. Therefore, such a service can forestall the attacks of different vectors, so your particular data will be under reliable protection.

Stages of conducting a pentest

To deal with such problems, specialists take the following steps:

  • beginning of testing: signing up, working tests are carried out, the optimal test method is selected;
  • intelligence: professionals identify all important information, analyze traffic, detect backdoor searches, and so on;
  • threat modeling: in practice, automatic methods are used that allow one to identify threats of different types;
  • operation: specialists determine who can use the system in order to be exposed to this or other threats;
  • sleep: all weak points are corrected, the client receives detailed information, and can use the system safely.

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