Triplex glass visors

Glass visors and canopies are very often found on the facades of private houses and public buildings. They become more popular and popular every year because the glass does not only look beautiful or elegant, but with all its external advantages, glass visors and canopies are one of the most reliable structures.

If you decide to buy a glass visor, do not spare a few minutes of your free time to find out better about the acquired design and to make sure that your purchase will be safe and will last for many years.

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the fact that for the manufacture of glass visors and canopies, it is necessary to use the most durable and reliable glass. It is precisely such a material that is verified by strong, safe and reliable – you can confidently name laminated glass. Another name for laminated glass, which is probably more commonly used and familiar to the consumer, is triplex.

Let’s figure out in more detail what triplex is. Triplex is several glasses interconnected using special polymer glue – PBV. This polymer glue, which is applied with a thin layer between layers of glasses, remains invisible and completely inconspicuous. But he plays a crucial role in glass security.

Thanks to a layer of PVB glue, when breaking one or even several glasses, the structure will remain in place, since the fragments will stick and stick to the polymer substance. By the way, for a visual demonstration of what is a triplex, or laminated glass, it is worth recalling the windshield of a car, where this type of glass is used. And all of us, of course, know how the windshield behaves in the event of a breakdown. The same happens in the case of deformation of the glass in hinged structures.

In the case of glass visors and canopies, this is very important, because in this case the glass will not fall on the head of passers -by and standing under the visor – it will simply sag under its weight.

The glass visor does not have to be transparent. Several options for the appearance of such glass designs are available. Matte, bronze silt gray are the main options for the color of the glass that you can easily find on the streets of the city. By the way, in order to give a glass visor the color, it is not necessary to tint all the layers of glasses, it is enough to give the color only one of them.

But no matter how the color and texture of glass visors be, do not forget that only laminated glass, or triplex, is permissible for use in such types of structures.