Types of fences

Private household should have its boundaries. Conventionally determined by the presence of fences. Therefore, having acquired a new section, immediately proceed to the installation of the fence.

If you have been living in the private sector for a long time or have a summer cottage, do not forget to monitor the state of your fence. Nothing forever in this world (in material terms, of course). Therefore, the time will once come to replace a rickety or rotten fence.

But what kind of fence to choose this time, think. After all, the fence should fit your home in the design sense, as well as to fulfill its main function – to be a stronghold.

It has long been used as a material for fences. It is it that is associated with us with home comfort. But this is not surprising: wood – “warm” material. Such a fence fits more organically into the surrounding landscape, and wood is the most environmental material. Yes, and for design design is suitable as well as possible – by the fence, all kinds of carved jewelry can be done. But if you decide to put a wooden fence, do not forget that it requires constant and careful care. This is especially true for special processing of wood from parasites.

You can install a metal fence. Such a bent fence looks exquisitely (sometimes even romantic). But it is more difficult to install it and it will cost you more expensive. In addition, a metallic fence needs constant treatment with anti -corrosion coatings.

Reliable, but not presentable, there will be a fence from corrugated board. This is a fairly strong material covered by the manufacturer with special durable colors. Easily installed and is not expensive.

Another of the modern options for fences is monolithic eurosboards. They are also durable, do not require special care and are easily installed. A variety of types of monolithic fence allows it to harmoniously fit into any landscape on any site.