Types of plaster solutions

For plastering walls, use solutions that contain binder, aggregates, water and special additives. Climbing agents here are cement, lime, gypsum, aggregate – sand. Previously, the quality of the finish depended on the skill of the master to correctly prepare the solution according to a specific recipe and mix it thoroughly. At the moment, there are ready -made mixtures that exclude the need for this process. Modern technologies add new properties to solutions and improve their quality. They have improved clutch, hold moisture resistant to cracks and strong. After the repair, you will need to install the air conditioner, it is not recommended to carry out it yourself.

Preparing for the plastering of the walls, the masters are added to the mixture and mix, obtaining the desired consistency. The mixtures are also liquid, which are already ready for use.  Stucco for interior decoration are cement and gypsum. The use of cement plasters leads to the result of the most durable and durable coating. With the help of gypsum plasters, the timing of this type of work is reduced. However, the main condition is further operation in the room with normal humidity. For finishing work, adhesives, primers, decorative plaster and putty are also used.