Types of trimmers for the lawn

Trimmer – a device designed to cut grass especially in hard -to -reach places. With such a device you can work for a long time without feeling fatigue due to its small weight. Also, due to the fact that it is quite compact, it will not take up a lot of space when storing.

To date, there are three main types of trimmers: an electric braid (electric trimmer) – the most commonly used type of mowing device for grass. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces (ravines, cuvettes and near trees). They cope with pruning of thick grass and small bushes perfectly, has a low weight and does not create strong noise during operation. Its plus is also that it does not require fuel costs and does not harm the environment. The disadvantage of the electric trimmer is that its work is limited to the length of the cable for electricity and the electrical safety measures must be observed. That is, after rain it is better not to work with him.

Benzokos for a garden plot (gasoline trimmer) is the most powerful device for pruning any type of grass and shrubs. Such a trimmer is used in large areas and is used for any type and size of grass. They have more weight than all other types of trimmers. The disadvantage can be considered a fairly high level of noise and vibration. They throw a considerable amount of waste (exhausts) into the air.

Battery trimmers are designed to work on a small area, and infrequent use, have small power and such a battery will be enough for a maximum of 40 minutes. But they have their advantages. You will not depend on the presence or absence of electricity, that is, they can be used where there is no access to the mains. This type of trimmer is convenient and even easier than other types of such technology.

Trimmers will differ and cutting device. They can be:

– Knives are used to cut shrubs and herbs. Manufacturing material can be steel or plastic; – the fishing line is used for mowing grass, and the quality of the result will depend on its thickness. The thicker it is, the better the bevel and its consumption;

– Disks are mainly used for cutting shrubs and small trees. Before making a purchase of a trimmer, you need to weigh and calculate everything. Because the area will be processed, whether there is access to the mains, what surface will have a site and how much noise can interfere with the neighbors, the type of trimmer bought depends on it.