Vintage summer house in the carriage

It is quite problematic to surprise domestic summer residents with railway wagons, which are now no longer used, but are redone as a utility room near a suburban site. There are similar solutions in the UK. The old carriage of the 19th century was turned into a cozy, albeit a small, but also a neat country house called Old Luggage Van, located in the line of Cornwall’s county.

The history of this beautifully converted residential car is easily monitored by a standard serial number – 1353. It was built back in 1896 and over the next four decades regularly ran on the country’s railways. Initially, the car was used as a passenger, then it was converted into a cargo, and then to the post.

In the period 1932 he was written off, but not dismantled for details. Over the next few decades, he simply dusted on the old sump in Cornwall, until he was noticed by one of the lovers of old historical trains.

The enthusiast acquired the indicated carriage, carried out his complete restoration and then turned it into a small house for a good rest in size. Inside, a kitchen, bed, as well as a toilet, a closet and even a table are comfortably located inside, there is a full -fledged shower cabin. In the cold period of time, the room temperature will be maintained by means of a small original stove, which is melted with firewood, you can also use the electrical heating system. Undoubtedly, modern boilers are needed for a larger room, for example, in Kotland. You can learn more about the proposed products on the company’s website /.

Old Luggage Van also contains modern models of technology – flat TV, plumbing and microwave. But the rest of the situation is stylized under the nineteenth century, that era when they actually created this magnificent version of the Waonchik.