Vinyl stretch ceiling or fabric

Stretch ceilings have recently been in demand not only among wealthy people, but also in people of average prosperity. Installation of this type of ceiling is quite fast and inexpensive. To install stretch ceilings, a special design should be fixed under the ceiling, and to fix the profiles of metal or plastic baguettes on the walls, on which the selected canvas is carefully pulled. Highlight vinyl ceilings and fabric.

Vinyl ceilings are created to a certain size of the room and oriented under its configuration. You can choose all kinds of colors of such a ceiling or even order a canvas with a mirror effect, glossy or matte canvas. By the way, but the design of the suspended ceilings is similar to the stretch, so they are sometimes confused

Fabric ceilings are created from a fabric canvas, which is produced in the form of a roll, so there is no need to measure the room. Installation of this type of stretch ceilings is performed much faster than vinyl. However, fabric ceilings have disadvantages compared to vinyl: the canvas can only be selected in a few colors and when flooding the apartment with upper floors, the canvas from the fabric holds water much worse. However, such a canvas does not have ugly seams and on it you can make manual painting from acrylic colors.