Ways to accustom the child to the pot

Many parents are wondering: how to teach a child to a pot? But not many parents know how to do this most simple and naturally.

Ways to accustom the child to the pot

So that for the child this does not become hard work, but it went easily and simply. Sometimes children are afraid of a pot and do not even want to approach him in any way, and this situation does not allow to make the learning process successful. In fact, parents can accustom the baby to go to the pot without unnecessary difficulties.

Buy your baby a convenient and bright pot. It happens that you notice that it is inconvenient for little to sit on it only at home and then not immediately, then do not be too lazy to replace your pot with another, more convenient. Buy a pot of sex. For boys, models with an overstated front are released, for girls without her. The pot should not be musical or making some extraneous sounds. Your child should not perceive his pot like a toy, he should know, the pot is not for the game, he is for business.

Plant the child on the pot several times a day for a couple of minutes, so that he is used to this ritual and perceive the pot of granted business. When the baby gets used to it, he can sit on him for a while, only do not let him play with the pot. Otherwise he will perceive him not as it should.

Plant the child for a longer period, enough about 5 minutes. Let him sit on the pot after eating, before meals, after sleep. At such moments when you noticed, he most often does his “important deeds”. You know at what point it is best to catch it, do not be lazy, and do it all the time, and not once from a time.

You should teach your child to take off his pants on your own so that it is more convenient for him to sit on the pot yourself without waiting for your help. Do not scold the baby if he forgot about the pants and sat down right in them. This is already a feat for him, and he will remember about the pants over time and will not forget to shoot them.

The pot should stand in an accessible and noticeable place so that the child sees him and does not look if he suddenly wants to sit on him. The pot should be thrown into the baby’s eyes and remind you that it was possible to sit. Sometimes you yourself remind the child that it is time to sit on the pot if he suddenly began to play and was carried away by something. Explain to the baby that he can sit on the pot at any time, as he wants to go to the toilet.

Never scold your child for forgetting to sit on a pot in time. Negative emotions will not help him remember this simple algorithm. Only time and patience can you succeed. So tolerate, remind you again and again and wait until this process in the child reaches an automatic action.

Be sure to praise your child for success. If the baby managed to sit on the pot in time and go to the toilet to it, encourage it with your praise, kiss, caress. Kids are very fond of your approval, it is incredibly pleasant to hear the words of support from you, so do not make your way and do not save on praise.

If, despite all your tricks, the child is naughty and does not want to sit on the pot in any way, postpone your teaching for a while. Return to this issue in a month, when the baby calms down and finds his past negative experience. And then you can start learning to go to the pot of your fidget again, avoiding past mistakes and using new knowledge. Perhaps the last time your child was simply not ready for this.

Ways to accustom the child to the pot

The process of teaching to the pot is very long and complex. Therefore, in any case, gain patience. After all, all children are different and never know how your child will behave in such a situation. Do not forget about it, treat the baby with love and patience. Then you will definitely succeed, and your child will finally become like an adult to run to the pot when he needs it.