Ways to align the walls

There are several of the most common ways to align surfaces. One of the most common is the use of various plaster solutions.

There are several types of plaster solutions. Basically, gypsum plaster, cement, lime is used to align the walls. For perfect leveling of the surface, before applying the plaster, lighthouses are installed on the wall. First of all, it is necessary to install two extreme lighthouses.

Gypsum plaster is perfect for attaching beacons to the wall. She is sufficient, elastic and quickly settles. Put with a spatula a solution on a wall in about six, eight places where the lighthouse will be installed. To install the lighthouses perfectly evenly, you need to use the level. Preferably two, two and a half meters long. Put the lighthouse to the solution and use the level set it. After the lighthouse sticks well, it must be completely coated with gypsum plaster, so that there is no empty space between the lighthouse and the wall. When two extreme lighthouses are installed and completely coated, wait for their complete drying.

Then stretch the lace from the lighthouse to the lighthouse at a distance of about 60 centimeters one from the other. You will get a leveling mesh, by which you can with lightness install all the lighthouses on the surface of the wall in level and in one plane. Install the beacons at a distance from each other no more than 1.8 meters if you level the wall with two meter rule. If Rules 1.5 meters, then the distance between beacons 1.3 meters. You can start applying plaster only after the lighthouses are completely dried up. If the thickness of the leveling layer exceeds two centimeters, then a metal mesh must be attached to the wall.

The net will prevent plaster from cracking. Remember, you can not level the wall plaster in rooms with high humidity and on the street. To install lighthouses in such conditions, it is better to use facade glue. The walls aligned with the help of plaster continue to breathe. Until now, this method of aligning surfaces is the most popular.