Ways to protect doors from hacking

Experts believe that the locks on the entrance doors should be at least two, each of them should be with different systems. In other words, do not put the same locks of one manufacturer on the front door. It is not recommended to put locks with latches on a metal door on a metal door.

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According to experts, the so -called “crab” locks are considered the most reliable, in which the latches are closed in different directions.

It is no secret, the more complicated the castle system, the higher its cost. In this regard, as a rule, when installing several locks, one of which is taken by road, and the rest are simpler.

In order to protect the cerseen of the cylindrical castle from the ability to knock it out, it should be strengthened with a lining. If each crossbar is placed in a metal tube, it is very difficult to cut it with a hacksaw.

An important element of protection is a cheekld. It cannot be opened and broken. If the doors are on the jokhkold-there is definitely someone at home. In addition to this fire, it is not difficult to open, which is not so easy when closed by the lock, because under the influence of high temperatures the mechanism jams. Do not forget about the door chain, which also serves as one of the elements of protection against hacking.