Working with sites and servers using the Ispmanager panel

Working with sites and servers on the Internet requires managing their content, changing the structure and other parameters. There are special applications for this. One such development is a web server control panel from a domestic company, which it offers on its website.

Web resource structure and product features

The Irkutsk company “ISPmanager” offers its control panel for web servers and portals. It’s called ispmanager and has the following features:

  1. Can automatically install Apache, nginx, OpenLiteSpeed web servers and work with them. With the first two, this can be done in combination or separately.
  2. Works with almost all content management systems (CMS) and custom-designed websites.
  3. For protection, it has built-in tools against spam and DDos attacks, and can integrate any version of an anti-virus program.
  4. Has the ability to work with various programming languages.
  5. It has a client for transferring data via FTP and the ability to manage files using a built-in manager.
  6. Creates backups and works with databases.

The product is intended for website developers and hosting providers who need to manage web servers. This tool is also in demand by owners of Internet resources, or people involved in their administration.

In addition, the site has a section where you can choose an SSL certificate for your web resource and materials for partners. Separately, it is worth highlighting materials for training and assistance in selecting, installing and using software tools.

It is possible to use a demo version of the program with ready-made settings. For more advanced users, a free trial version is offered, where there are more options to choose a system to suit your needs, and set parameters based on specific tasks.

Work options

The site offers partnerships for resellers and hosting providers who can resell ispmanager. This allows you to increase income from cooperation and attract new users. All licenses, modules and SSL certificates are offered at a discount, making the process more profitable.

The company will help in setting up the panel and its administration, and will make the transition to its product from another option. At the same time, he will fulfill all the customer’s conditions, take into account the tasks and purpose of the site or server.