Drawers for tools

Left -off boxes on the site are one of the most useful furniture items in any house. Drawers can be a useful component in the kitchen.

They can also be used in the bedroom to store various items. The box can be built quite simply, without special skills or time. Here are a few simple instructions:

Step 1 – Perform measurement

Measure the total width of the cabinet using a measuring tape or scale. Reduce your plywood, subtracting approximately 2 ½ inch from this measurement. Use the saw to cut two sides for each box. The measurement should be about 22 inches per 3 ½ inch. The bottom of the box should be about 22 inches. Make sure that drawers precisely correspond to the size of the cabinets.

Step 2 – Collect the box

Collect the boxes using wooden glue. Apply glue on all four sides of the box. Corner corners must have a square shape so that they are accurately placed in the cabinets. Repeat the procedure for attaching the lower part of the box. Attach part of the drawer using screws or nails to each side of the drawer. It should be ¼ inch from the bottom of the box.

Step 3 – Pilomaterial trimming

Cut about ¼ inch pine lumber for 22 inches using a saw with a sharp edge. Install a drawer on the supporting elements. About ¼ inch plywood will be needed to match the base of the carrier. Do not glue this piece to the base of the holder. Make sure the box is easily included in the carrier.

Step 4 – grinding

Pierce the box with sandpaper and apply polyurethane to the boxes. Polyuretan will give your boxes an attractive and brilliant look.

Step 5 – Place the carrier

Put the carrier in the cabinet and using a measuring tape. Measure the gap between the rest of the sides, assigning one side to the carrier. Cut six lining strips, sharing this measurement in half. Check if it is definitely suitable and adjusted accordingly. Fix the supporting knot and spacers together, drilling holes in holders and spacers. Attach the box holder in the cabinets using screws. Place the box in slides. Put an end to the base of the carrier, if not required.